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Forte dei Marmi

la Perla della Versilia

Forte dei Marmi is a capital of quality italian tourism, with lush green pine woods, beaches of fine sand, quiet and discreet residential garden districts. But above all, Forte dei Marmi is the symbol par excellence of the elegant, gracious, exclusive vacation, in contact with nature and in maximum comfort. An ideal holiday surround preferred by artists, great industrialists, the aristocracy, and politicians who are the movers of the economy, the media, fashion, politics, and art; personalities and players who set style trends, shape taste, and profoundly influence the country’s life and lifestyle.

As a high-visibility, premier milieu, Forte dei Marmi is a spectacular showcase for international deluxe. Its streets and squares, spangled with fashion’s great names and griffes, are enhanced every year by new, prestigious boutiques and shops. The city is a preferred destination for shopping enthusiasts and a growing number of European, Arab and U.S. tourists.