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Forte Magazine

Forte dei Marmi à la carte

the magazine

ForteMagazine is Forte’s city-zine, the mirror of its tourist and commercial essence, the vehicle of a timelessly elegant style. With articles and photo features dedicated to personalities, places, traditions, and lifestyle, ForteMagazine offers its readers all the atmosphere of a Forte vacation and reveals little-known facts and the city’s secrets. The graphics are elegant to a T; the texts are in Italian and English; the topics of the articles run the luxury gamut of good taste in fashion, food and drink, entertainment, and culture.

the audience

The profile of the ForteMagazine reader perfectly matches the print of a vacationer who truly appreciates an exclusive vacation in Forte dei Marmi style: well-educated, with a high loyalty quotient and a keen interest in top-end products and services, owner of a home in Forte, a devotee of the traditional; and at the same time spurred by curiosity, open to everything new. The excellent distribution enjoyed by ForteMagazine, above all to the villas and the chicest venues, makes it a precious partner for high-end brands seeking to up their visibility among the most discerning segment of the public.

the distribution

Every year, ForteMagazine is printed in 20,000 copies. Besides to the city’s 50 hotels and 97 beach clubs—where it is delivered at intervals over the summer—ForteMagazine is distributed free-of-charge to about 2,400 villas, newsstands, sports clubs, and to more than 300 boutiques, jewelry stores, furniture stores, cafes, restaurants, real estate agencies, and art galleries in the city. It is also mailed to about 140 hotels in the Versilia, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Florence, Pistoia, Siena, and Grosseto areas, and goes aboard yachts that dock at local marinas.