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Luxury Lodging

authentic experiences

April 2022- Number 22

Collezione EM

authentic experiences

“Home is a place I love to be, because it is filled with stimuli.” Shall we start here? Yes, let’s. Let’s start with home, a concept that will accompany us through the world of Collezione EM, on a tour that takes us to four hotels and three destinations: Forte dei Marmi, Florence, Venice.

“We believe in offering our guests authentic experiences in places that belong to us, the places we call home. And these three are deeply ours.” So begins Sara Maestrelli, our guide to discovering Villa Roma Imperiale, Pensione America, Grand Hotel Minerva, and Violino d’Oro, the four pearls in the collection. Very different hotels if we think of history and type of offer, but all linked to the legacy and the entrepreneurial passion of the Maestrelli family. “Villa Roma Imperiale and Pensione America, in Forte, whose beach has welcomed us for generations,” Sara continues. “Whomever chooses these hotels opens up an opportunity to experience the same emotions we do when we enter into that peculiar mode de vie that is the Forte dei Marmi vacation: with the spirit and the atmospheres of a quiet private residence at Villa Roma Imperiale, thirty-one rooms under the pinewood canopy; or with the allure of the historic Pensione America. This symbol of the early 20th-century seaside holiday in Forte will be back in 2024 with its beautiful portico, its terraces, the garden a step from the sea, and brand-new suites, nineteen in number, preserving all the magic of an era.”

In Florence, Collezione EM shows off the Minerva – a true Grand Hotel (probably the city’s oldest), with interiors by Carlo Scarpa and a spectacular rooftop pool. And in Venice, two minutes from San Marco, the Violino d’Oro. Now closed for restoration but reopening in the spring of next year, it promises to unite the grandiose art, architecture, and history of the Serenissima with the ultimate luxury of an intimate domesticity. Because, as we said at the outset, home is where we prefer to be, where we find inspiration, where our desire for authenticity is fully appeased.

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