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for one night only

June 2022- Number 22
for one night only

Portofino, Versilia so close, the sea. Two young friends and their crazy idea of a quick trip to Forte dei Marmi. An impetuous ride in the blue, a marvelous natural setting, the elegance and privilege of an unforgettable evening in the other queen of the Riviera

Words Niccola De Prà - Photography Alessandro Moggi

This is the story of an afternoon dreaming of Forte. What a crazy idea! A quick trip in Versilia: an impetuous ride in the blue, an evening with friends, the beautiful shop windows in the town’s center, a sky-high drink, an exclusive gourmet dinner, the long night that opens its arms and... the vague enticing of friendships, fun, and passion.

The sun is already high. Occasionally a cloud, a few drops of light rain. Visitors in small crowds, the comings and goings of the ferry, the yachts in the harbor. Portofino is charming. The terrace of our hotel extends over the mythical square. From here you can feel the heart of the town that beats hard, finally, after the long winter. The light, the perfumes, the intense green of the gulf. Why leave this paradise? Yes, why? Because another queen is calling us, she is waiting for us. The other queen of the Riviera, crowned by marble mountains, still sleepy - also - under the mantle of its tall pine woods. Is Forte a mirage? Is it too far away?

...another queen is calling us, she is waiting for us. The other queen of the Riviera, crowned by marble mountains, still sleepy - also - under the mantle of its tall pine woods. Is Forte a mirage?....

A very fast boat. A boat which cuts through the waves leav- ing an ever wider, ever longer trail of foam. And no end is in sight. Are we at sea or in a supercar? Certainly, soon, Forte of Our Desires, you will no longer be just a mirage. The coast whizzes to port: sheer cliffs, vegetation, coastal towns, marinas. And splendid villas perched halfway up the coast, bold castles, manicured gardens. Before leaving the port, those guys in a rubber dinghy greeted us by doing two laps around our yacht. Cheerful and a little cheeky. Hi guys, we’ll be back tomorrow!

But now we slow down. We’ll be at Forte at sunset, there is no need to push hard. Captain, turn off the engines, let’s enjoy the moment. The foam trail dissolves. The sea flattens. Music, the first sun bath, a drink, a toast to the night to come. The coast is now motionless. Details are perceived better. Over there, far away now, Tigullio. Le Cinque Terre here in front. And beyond Portovenere’s mount, beyond Palmaria, there are La Spezia, the Apuan coast, Versilia.

In the glow of the sunset Forte dei Marmi is barely visible. In the front row, the homes of the caretakers of the beach look white against the dark mass of the pine woods, you can see the lights of the town’s center, the bell tower of the church. Behind, a blue backstage, more and more visible as the hills and mountains of Versilia rise and become more distant. To welcome us there is the pier, which extends towards us and looks like a red carpet. We, the stars of our own film. A story of elegance and privilege. Wow!

Sipping bubbles on Forte’s highest terrace. An unparalleled pan- orama: the sky, the sea, the mountains, all in a single embrace. It’s the dream of a single night. Cheers: to the future, to peace, to life!

Locations: Belmond Splendido Mare Portofino • Gelateria San Giorgio Portofino • Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 • 67 Sky Lounge Principe Forte dei Marmi | Photography: Alessandro Moggi | Styling: Daniela Delia | Hair Style: Simone Rubbioli | Clothes: Aloe&Wolf Vintage gallery shop | Models: Alissa for Women Direct Milan and Giada for 4Upper

a custom made emotion

“An innovative yacht, never built until now”. This is how Giovanni Costantino, founder and ceo of The Italian Sea Group, describes Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, the intrepid boat co-star of our history between Portofino and Forte dei Marmi.

The task of building a motor yacht that perfectly combined the excellence of the sailing world and that of super sports cars was highly complex at the beginning. In fact, it was a question of transferring - in a jewel that plows the seas - the character, style and expertise in the innovation of the Siàn FKP 37, Lamborghini’s futuristic hybrid super sports car that inspired the project. With the “63” (let’s call it that, for the sake of brevity) The Italian Sea Group has more than succeeded. At the helm of the yacht, you feel just like you are behind the wheel of a Lambo, you feel the same rush of power, you savor the taste of performance, you feel a unique driving thrill. And when the hands move towards the impressive top speed of 63 knots, there is that skip of a heartbeat that Lamborghini Lovers all over the world know so well.

The synergy between the designers of the two companies has produced great results also from a stylistic point of view, with great attention focused on quality, to the desire to preserve the typical feeling of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company’s cars and the possibility - which is not an optional, but one of the fundamental values of the project - to fully customize colors, finish- es and every single detail.