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the new Italian aperitif

June 2022- Number 22


the new Italian aperitif

All the pleasure of an Italian-style aperitif in a non-alcoholic version. Alpex Spritz, the new entry among Fonte Plose mixology drinks, strikes a cord from the first sip for its citrus note with a pleasant bitter after-taste. And for those who like a boost of aroma, we suggest trying it by adding a little grapefruit peel. Alpex Spritz has a classic and, at the same time, a distinctive, soft and versatile taste because it is suitable for both straight and mixed drinks. In combination with bitters and as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails, it maintains all its originality.
Like all the sodas in the Alpex collection and generally in Fonte Plose products, Alpex Spritz comes from excellent quality raw materials.

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