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an artist and his hymn to Life

April 2022- Number 22

Andrea Roggi - The Circle of Life Art Gallery

an artist and his hymn to Life

An airy space, filled with light and joy. And with art. This is the gallery opened by Tuscan sculptor Andrea Roggi in the heart of the historic center of Pietrasanta to present his works in this small Italian capital of sculpture. The works are mostly bronzes, which the artist – who in this is practically in a class by himself – casts at his bottega d’arte in his native Castiglion Fiorentino.

“My training, unfortunately or fortunately, is technical,” Roggi recounts. “When I began sculpting, I also began fitting out a workshop where I could produce my artworks. Today, I have everything I need for casting and conducting every step in the process. Because creation of a sculpture does not stop at the clay. Certain details can be perfected only in the wax, but even after casting it is still possible to add extremely creative touches. To say nothing of the patina. That’s what lends color: it’s a chemical process – oxidation of the copper in the bronze – that can infuse a subject with great vitality.”

Over the years, Roggi has developed new techniques – such as dynamic fusion – and has perfected ceramic shell investment casting. He has expanded his workshop so that he can cast monumental sculptures up to eight meters in height, like the work which this summer stands in front of the magnificent Villa Pisani in Strà (Venice). It is a Tree of Life, a recurring theme in Roggi’s oeuvre. And a model for human behavior, an invitation to respect and valorize nature and the territory so that, like our knowhow, we may transmit both intact to the new generations.

Anyone strolling through Pietrasanta in this summer’s evenings, stopping in at exhibitions and galleries, may well be welcomed into the Andrea Roggi’s space in Via del Marzocco by the sculptor himself, who is always willing to share his vision of art and his technical savvy with aficionados.

Andrea Roggi - The Circle of Life Art Gallery
via del Marzocco 5, Pietrasanta | +39 333 6461405 | FB AndreaRoggiOfficial | IG andrea_roggi_official

Andrea Roggi, “Albero della Pace”, 2021