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value strategies

April 2022- Number 22

Maria Lenzi

value strategies

An expert for managing your finances and a helping hand in delicate situations, such as a family inheritance or a real estate sale or purchase. In the view of a professional like Maria Lenzi, for fifteen years on staff at Fideuram-Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, with an office in Massa and clients in half of Italy, a financial consultant is much more than the name might suggest.

Certainly, finance plays a central role. “But we are all-round consultants,” Lenzi explains. “I have had occasion to bring together clients selling a home with others looking for one; we have specialized frameworks for dealing with many different transaction needs – for example, sale of artworks at auction. In short, we offer overall family assets management.”

For about a year, Lenzi has been working with 24-year-old Michele Dal Poggetto. “He is very knowledgeable,” she tells us, “and wonderful at handling relations with young people. Our client base includes entire families, from great-grandparents to great-grandchildren, everyone with different expectations.”

At the core, in all cases, is the trust relationship. “Our task is to understand the needs of each of our clients and, together, find the most suitable, most efficacious solutions. Some clients plan long-term investments; others know they’ll soon be buying a home. Younger clients might want to begin putting away small amounts for their future, exploiting that time factor which is so important in finance. For every situation, there’s a correct solution, whether it’s a financial instrument, an insurance product, or something else entirely.”

And once the choice has been made, based on fundamental diversification criteria, it is essential to maintain one’s positions. “The so-called ‘volatility’ of finance is inherent in the system. But as anyone who decides to invest knows, downturns can be opportunities in disguise.”

Maria Lenzi
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