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a great desire for entertainment

June 2022- Number 22
a great desire for entertainment

Music, but also a lot of art, history, literature... and sports, current events, big names: this is what awaits us this summer at Villa Bertelli

Words Cinzia Donati

Music is the great protagonist at Villa Bertelli. But not only! This lively microcosm of entertainment also offers its many summer visitors history, art, literature, sports, debates, and masterclasses... A place open all year round, which in the summer also opens its large green spaces to the public. The events are back to take place regularly and, in August, the highlight of the summer season is the big concerts. Twenty dates, one after another, from 5 to 25 August (excluding 15 August) with Italian and international artists performing in the theater set up in the park behind the Villa. To name a few: on 27 July a preview of the season with the concert by Tommaso Paradiso, on 6 August “Omaggio a Morricone - musiche da Oscar”, on 8 August more music with Jethro Tull, on 9 August Ermal Meta, on 11 August Francesco Gabbani, on 12 August the musical “Grease”, and on 16 August the comedian Andrea Pucci.

To enrich it all, some art exhibitions and two parallel cultural events. “L’Altra Villa”, with daily programming in the Giardino dei Lecci, offers classical and opera concerts, book presentations, literary and artistic gatherings, ballets and theater performances. Many afternoon and evening appointments accompany the whole season: from the journalists Giovanni Lorenzini and Aldo Grandi, who present their books, to the conferences related to the exhibitions in the Villa, from the naturopath, writer and conductor Marco Pardini to the aristocratic Maria Cristina Savoldi Bellavitis, with her latest book. The Giardino dei Lecci, with seating for about two hundred people, will also host the review “Parliamone in Villa”, conducted by Enrico Salvadori, which welcomes personalities from the cultural, journalistic and national entertainment scene. Some of the expected names: on 30 June Giuseppe Lavenia, on 2 July Elisabetta Villaggio with the book “Fantozzi dietro le quinte. Oltre la maschera. La vita (vera) di Paolo Villaggio”, on 5 July Carlo Cottarelli, on 13 July Giorgia Surina with her book “In due sarà più facile restare svegli”, on 23 July Marco Varvello with his book “Londra Anni Venti”, on 30 July Enrico Vanzina. Over the years, Villa Bertelli has also become a breeding ground for young artists, a place where budding talent is promoted with special masterclasses and courses. A project that is gaining recognition throughout the national artistic sector.