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variations on excellence

April 2022- Number 22

Principe Forte dei Marmi

variations on excellence

At the root is a single, two-part idea: absolute top quality products – sourced above all in Versilia’s sea and its countryside – and meticulous attention to client care. The branches, instead, are three: the restaurants at Principe Forte dei Marmi, all of which are entrusted to Chef Valentino Cassanelli.

The jewel in his crown could be none other than Lux Lucis, inaugurated in May of 2012 on the hotel’s top floor. A Michelin star, an elegant ambience, a breath-stopping view from the Tyrrhenian to the Apuans. This year, Lux Lucis is toasting its tenth anniversary. “We are proposing a special menu – ten courses, one for each of our years – to celebrate the history and the evolution of our kitchen, with the entire brigade represented,” explains Chef Cassanelli.

Principe is a classic example of a restaurant at a 5-star hotel, with a wide-ranging menu. But here too, besides the chef’s touch, there is a perceptible, constant desire to improve and innovate. Starting with breakfast, now strictly à la carte. “The care that goes into it is infinitely superior with respect to the buffet: the à la carte menu means “we are preparing something just for you” instead of having everything ready ahead of time. We are aware of sustainability issues in the kitchen – and our new policy also helps reduce food waste.”

Last, but not at all least, Dalmazia, the restaurant on the beach. The service and the cuisine are 5-star quality, but diners sit with their feet in the sand, shaded by a reed canopy. Entrusted to resident chef Rocco Grisoni, Dalmazia “centers on Versilia, on the sea, on fish,” Cassanelli tells us. “Contemporary cuisine, as is my style. But with diner-friendly dishes and – as far as possible, untreated raw materials.” Renovated last summer, Dalmazia is a perfect venue for parties, weddings, birthdays. But also for an unforgettable dinner at the water’s edge, under a sumptuous beach gazebo, by candlelight.

Principe Forte dei Marmi
Lux Lucis: viale Morin 67, Forte dei Marmi | +39 0584 783636 |
Dalmazia: via Arenile 18, Forte dei Marmi | +39 0584 784145 |