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with purity and nature in its dna

April 2022- Number 22

Acqua Plose

with purity and nature in its dna

Acqua Plose is a name known by many, with many admirers. For more than half a century on Italians’ tables – delivered to our homes in the elegant crystal-clear glass bottles that preserve it on its travels from the spring on Mount Plose – this South Tyrol water that bubbles to the surface near Bressanone is considered one of the world’s finest in terms of its organoleptic profile.

The purest and lightest expression of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site, in every drop of its water the Plose spring recounts intertwining, millennial stories of man and nature in these uncontaminated mountains. This wonderfully light and pure, oxygen-rich water, synonymous with wellbeing and health, has created a starring role for itself among the “glam” gourmet brands. The crowning touch at fine dining venues that make quality their hallmark, today Plose stands for a broad range of products that offer unparalleled taste and drinking experiences. One of the most popular lines – alongside the Plose Vintage soft drinks and the Alpex effervescents created for the world of mixology – is BioPlose, the collection of organic drinks with no preservatives, artificial coloring agents, or added sugars: the Tea Collection, the delicious 100% organic juices and nectars, and the sparkling drinks launched just one year ago and such a hit as to have merited the title of “Innovation of the Year” at BarAwards 2021. Plose is a great family of products that share dna: water that originates at 1,870 meters asl. Another element that is shared – albeit behind the scenes – by all the Plose products is goodness that transcends the pleasures of the palate. Every recyclable glass bottle is the custodian of a long tradition of respect for the environment. A green “soul” that translates into protections, sustainable processes, and initiatives to care for the mountain territory, while the company’s entire annual energy budget comes only from renewable sources. Other expressions of the Plose values are projects for charity, initiatives in support of cultural associations and others providing aid to young people and families, and nutrition and physical education programs in the health sector.

Acqua Plose
consegne a domicilio in Versilia: Emporio Food and Beverage, +39 0187 65538
distribuzione nei locali: Delta Bevande + 39 0584 938380

a “soft” cocktail on the rocks

“Born on the rocks. Pure in the taste.” The high-altitude purity of the Alpex tonic waters and mixers created for professional bartenders in search of perfect balances of aromas and flavors for exclusive cocktails. The latest in the line of sparkling drinks born in the rocky Dolomites is Alpex Spritz Aperitivo Analcolico: all the flavor of an excellent, professionally-mixed cocktail in a non-alcoholic version that’s perfect on the rocks, garnished with a slice of orange.