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Drinking & Dining

a multiple-identity club

April 2022 - Number 22

Village Ristorante Gourmet e Lounge Bar

a multiple-identity club

Gourmet restaurant, private club, lounge bar. Many different identities for this spot suspended between sea and marble. Village, it’s called, and it does not grant its favors lightly. We are in the most exclusive quadrilateral of the luxury Italian marine industry, on the seaside boulevard in Marina di Carrara; the huge buildings all around are the birthplaces of the megayachts of The Italian Sea Group, and in the enormous dry docks, other just-as-impressive vessels undergo lengthy refitting sessions. The Village is thus a lively, cosmopolitan meeting-point, one where many languages are heard and where it’s not unheard-of to find oneself dining or sipping in company with the vessels’ owners or captains. Or with the Group’s employees, designers, site managers, who stop in for lunch at what is – surprisingly – their company cafeteria. An unusual place. To which to return, again and again, since there is always something new to do, see, taste.

For some months, the kitchen has been captained by Chef Alessandro Lucchinelli of Viareggio, who – needless to say – has seawater in his veins. He has worked at restaurants in Italy, in many places abroad (Bermudas, London, Australia, France), and on private yachts. Now he brings his broad outlook on the world to the Village; our latest voyage along the coastline of his creative menu, seated at the Village’s outdoor tables with the sea and the spectacle of parading yachts close by, is shaping up to be an interesting one.

Or you might choose the Village for an aperitif only, for a moment of relaxation at the end of a long workday, or for an after-dinner drink with friends as at an old-style club, between a game of billiards and a chess challenge, a glance at the sports events on the maxi screen or enjoying a little music in one of the more secluded corners.

The atmosphere is one of refined elegance, rich in contaminations, “important” but not to the point of cowing guests. The exclusive club card also gives holders access to the Village’s gym area, the spa, and the beauty center.

Village Ristorante Gourmet e Lounge Bar
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