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investing in the common good

April 2023- Number 23

Maria Rosaria Lenzi

investing in the common good

To invest profitably, betting on the companies that are most virtuous in terms of environmental protection, respect for rights, and correct management practices. Companies that rate the acronym ESG: that is, that meet Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria.

The big investors are increasingly apt to consider these criteria for sustainable investing when they make their portfolio choices; the Intesa Sanpaolo group, as a world leader in this respect, is no exception. And it’s a policy with which Maria Rosaria Lenzi, financial consultant at Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, couldn’t agree more.

“Analyses and statistics show that companies practicing good governance, attentive to the impact their production can have on the environment, and respectful of the rights of workers, customers, and citizens in general are in the main the most profitable financially,” she observes. “Think of the risks run by companies that do not respect environmental regulations. In money terms alone, they face fines or restrictions on company activities. To say nothing of reputational damage, and it is very clear by now that reputation is an asset of primary importance for any company.”

Companies’ performance reflects on the performance of ESG products; that is, on the investment funds and other financial instruments which assign frontline importance to ESG compliance. To a family of products that is gaining in importance within the offers of the asset management companies and in the portfolios of private investors alike.

“All our clients display increasing sensitivity to ESG themes, and to the environment in particular, but that awareness is greatest among members of the new generations,” we’re told by Michele Dal Poggetto, 27, in his second year as consultant alongside Lenzi – not surprisingly, working with young investors!

Maria Rosaria Lenzi
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