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my Forte of wool and wind

June 2022- Number 22
my Forte of wool and wind

The trips with her father, the villas hidden among the pine trees, the fabulous 1970s, Mina’s songs. For Drusilla Foer Versilia is tranquility, love, home... and an unforgettable powder blue sweater

Interview by Titti Chiarello - Photography Serena Gallorini

Drusilla Foer is the flavor of the month. Everyone wants her, whatever she does is a success, her theater performances are sold out and her first book, Tu non conosci la vergogna, published by Mondadori, is already in its third edition. Not to mention her appearances on TV and radio, where, thanks to her, the ratings go sky high. She is a well-rounded, intelligent and refined artist. We managed to meet her during a rare break between her many commitments.
Apart from work, Drusilla, what is your relationship with Versilia? A memory, of wool and wind. A relationship with wool?! Yes, when I was little we often came to Versilia to visit one of my father’s eccentric relatives who lived all the year round in a large house in Forte dei Marmi. When did you come? We often came in winter to that small windy town, with a few villas hidden by pine trees, the baker, a few houses and shops. In one of these shops, I was given my favorite sweater as a child, made from Shetland wool, in a powder blue color. I felt beautiful in that sweater... like how I feel welcome now when I come in the summer for my show. Therefore, you are linked to Forte dei Marmi? I would say there is really a thread that binds me to Forte dei Marmi and Versilia, consisting of tranquility, love, home and even a thread ... a woollen thread. Do you have other memories? Those less tenebrous of a child: the summer and the energetic years at the end of the 1970s, Mina’s last concert at the Bussola where I heard Sognando for the first time, a piece written for her by Don Backy which I sing in my show, and then the restaurants where you could run into Fred Buongusto, Gianni Agnelli, actors, actresses... In other words, they were wonderful years. When will you be back here again? In early August, to be exact on the 6 August, at the Versiliana, where I’ve already been twice and where it’s always great to return. Tell us about your show, we know that a little girl gave you the title... Yes, the title was given to me by a young fan who said to me one day “when I grow up I would like to become very elegant like you!” and I found it so cute that it seemed to me the least I could do was to pay a tribute to her. And then I sing accompanied by two extraordinary musicians, Loris di Leo on the piano and Nico Gori on the saxophone and clarinet. What are your future projects? In the meantime, I’ll try to carry out the commitments I’ve made, starting with the tour, and I’ll try to hang on in there because I’m not getting any younger. Then I’ll move onto the project for an album of unreleased songs, which some great composers have written for me. I’ll only be able to work on that after the summer. Have you done everything you wanted to do? There is one dream I haven’t yet realized. Being a magician’s assistant. But I’m not giving up... I’m waiting for the magician!