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Living Spaces

ideas, projects, and multiple affinities

April 2023- Number 23

Emmepi Design

ideas, projects, and multiple affinities

Enthusiasm and passion, a drive to rise to challenges, the ability to experiment and innovate. As well as a focus on clients and a “sartorial” approach that springs from the awareness that everyone has different needs, that one size can never fit all. Tiziana Piccinini and Alessandro Mori are a couple in life and art whose professional style, and that of their Emmepi Design architecture studio (and interior furnishings store) in the center of Pietrasanta, is all this and more.

“A client who chooses us chooses to embrace a style, a certain way of life, and, accordingly, a way of conceiving the home or the workplace,” they explain. “With our clients, we establish a relationship based on absolute trust but also on affinities, on sharing ideas and projects. We can accompany clients from the earliest project phases through interior design planning and all the way to selection of furniture and decorating items. But some clients ask us to see to everything, plates, glasses, and flatware included!”

The couple’s tastes are well defined and well represented by the furniture and objects they select for their store, where northern European design canons prevail with essential lines and colors, functional and elegantly simple forms.

The variety of the projects in Tiziana and Alessandro’s portfolio is extraordinary. They move effortlessly from restructuring a central Milan apartment to renovating a seaside villa; and just as easily from construction of a charming hill-country hotel – and surprising cantilevered pool with a breathtaking view of the gulf through its transparent exterior wall – to restyling a Formula One team’s hospitality area. “That was one of our most exciting and complex challenges,” they tell us. “We completely redesigned the motor home used by the team to welcome drivers and guests during the Grand Prix season. Besides the issues liked to a normal remodeling project, we tackled and resolved others, arising from needs for take-down and transport, that we had never encountered before. And the appreciation expressed by our client and all the users was immensely satisfying.”

Emmepi Design
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